Ship & Engine - Instrumentation and Analytics

We bring together best-of-breed technologies for ship and engine instrumentation and analysis. Optional cloud/remote montoring and AI empower ship operators to make better informed decisions, identify potential failures early, and thereby reduce costs and prevent machinery or vessel downtime. 


We have selectively partnered with award-winning technology companies from across the globe to provide best-in-class ship and engine room insight and analysis.

Marine Decarbonization and Energy Compliance Expertise

We offer marine technical products and services that can work in conjunction with your ship-based or shore-based personnel to help you in your decarbonization and energy compliance journey. 


We have selectively partnered with best-in-class marine technology companies from across the globe to empower you with the insight and analysis you need to make the critical decisions in this space.

MILSPEC Products

Stem-To-Stern Marine is a California-based company that is a registered vendor of marine parts and services to US Federal government agencies like the US Navy and the US Coast Guard, as well as State government owned inland and coastal ferry and shipping services. 



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Engine & Ship Parts - OEM, After-Market and Refurbished

We source hard-to-find parts from our global network of stockists for your main engine, auxiliary engine, turbochargers, air and refrigeration compressors, centrifuge separators, hydraulics, heat-exchangers.

Most spares are stocked and ready to be shipped from our partner warehouses. 


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