Stem-To-Stern Marine was founded by a team of experienced marine engineers and senior executives with decades of sea time and management experience. We have lived and understand the challenges faced by shipboard engineers and shore-based staff in keeping their vessels and machinery running smoothly, with little or no downtime. We strive to be your trustworthy partner to reduce your fleet operation costs, and facilitate your journey to decarbonize and become energy compliant.


Managing Director and Co-Founder

John Thekkethala serves as Stem-To-Stern's Managing Director. Under John's leadership the company has focused on delivering products and services that help customers in their journey to decarbonize and become energy compliant.
John has deep roots in the marine/ocean environment, having sailed for many years as a marine engineer in the merchant marine, and as an ocean research engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). John has held senior positions at Raytheon, where he managed systems engineering on Navy Submarine Systems. He has also led and managed technology product teams at both Microsoft and Dell, where he has been responsible for product strategy and revenue. John received his undergraduate degree in Marine Engineering (DMET/MERI) and a master's degree in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.


VP Operations and Co-Founder

Brijesh Malhotra serves as the Vice President of Operations. He works closely with customer teams for successful deployment of our technical solutions, he strives to continuously improve product experience and maximize quality and value proposition of our products for our customers,
Brijesh brings over 25 years of diverse hands-on Leadership experience firmly rooted in Engineering, Manufacturing and E2E Supply Chain. A First Class Marine Engineer, he sailed for over 10 years, rising to the level of Chief Engineer before taking senior management positions at major food corporations including Wrigley, Mars and Hershey.
Having held transformative Strategy and Leadership positions, his primary passion lies in World Class Operational Excellence, where he also consulted with multiple industrial corporations.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Martin Smith serves as the company's Chief Supply Chain Officer. Martin brings a wealth of experience in the supply chain field, having managed complex international supply chains at mid-sized manufacturing companies in the Los Angeles area. Martin received his undergraduate degree from San Jose State and is a Certified Supply Chain Expert.